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Welcome to have a massage by a specialist! I am Anniina Saaranluoma, a qualified massage therapist and a sports massage therapist. I graduated from Sports Massage School of Pirkanmaa in 2010, completing the degree of vocational qualifications for masseurs and also the degree of specialist qualification for masseurs in 2013. I work in Torrevieja, Spain.


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Time Price
30 min 28 €
45 min 33 €
60 min 40 €
75 min 48 €
90 min 55 €
120 min 72 €



Massage treatment will give you ease with
  • pain in your back and neck
  • headache
  • vertigo, dizziness
  • numbness in hands
A massage treatment relaxes, improves blood flow, releases muscular tension, diminishes swelling and increases mobility. Massage improves the recovery of muscles after workout. Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of massage, whether you are a professional athlete or an office worker.